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son de cuba

11AM - Main Stage

Son de Cuba is a quintet created in August 2015 by musicians from Chile, Mexico, USA, and Cuba. We play different genres such as Salsa, Timba, Son, Merengue, Boleros, Cumbia, Bachata, Latin Jazz, etc. The band consists of: Vocals, piano, and bass piano player, Nelson Morales; singer and minor percussion, Geisy Almanza; sax, flute, and vocals, Ramon Brizuela Martinez; American drummer, Jackson Coffey; and percussion, vocals, and band manager, Tony Gonzalez. We are based in Portland, Oregon. Since four band members are Cubans, we have roots in Latin, African, and Jazz rhythms. We blend this vast knowledge of different beats together in classic and modern Latin songs; exuding energy, happiness, and encouraging you to dance. With only six performers, we have a full sound and will draw a crowd with our energy and love for our music. Dancing is encouraged, we may even join you!

pedro world citizen

12PM - Main Stage

Pedro World Citizen encourages people of all cultures to collaborate for the greater good of humanity. Pedro, with a soulful message and a world reggae sound, calls on all people of all cultures to work together for the greater good of humanity. Planet Earth, “our common home,” should transcend geographical boundaries and borders under a single banner: World Citizen, our human right.


Throughout his life, Pedro has traveled to 44 countries enriching his perspective of the cultures, places and people. He now shares and incorporates different continent world-views sharing our unity in coexistence through the power of music.


As a rising reggae artist, Pedro identifies with world reggae music as a genre deeply rooted in social change, spirituality and unity. Pedro advocates for a better understanding of our diverse humanity on religious, racial, gender, and political levels. 


ty curtis

1PM - Main Stage

There are singers, songwriters, and guitarists, and some do it all, but few as convincingly or with the proficiency of Ty Curtis, whose record of accomplishments stands with and, arguably, exceeds those of artists twice his age. Now, with his eighth album, “Ascendant Blues”, Ty pushes boundaries, framed in the context of a seminal, but evolving art form, and looking to its future. Another album, from the same star-studded session, is in reserve, soon to be issued as a follow-up. These recordings were done in a manner that comes as close to live performances as possible, intended to bring that level of excitement to the listening audience. The strength of these live performances, with Ty leading the charge, is supported by a group of seasoned musicians. 

tony smiley

2PM - Main Stage

Since 2000 Tony Smiley has captivated audiences around the world with his raw rhythms of all live looping. This musical savant loops his way through a unique genre of music that you won’t find anywhere else. He is a passionate performer with a witty, engaging and energetic stage presence, a unique artistic twist that creates a one of a kind show.. that is the Tony Smiley experience. His style of melodies range from rock, hip hop, reggae, world tribal fusion, 80's, a dash of Mongolian throat singing, beat boxing and everything in between, all of which have earned Tony Smiley a cult like following around the globe. Whether packing local venues, performing at Britt Fest, Les Schwab Amphitheater, sharing the stage with Michael Franti, Boy George & Culture Club, War, or joining festivals around the states.. Tony Smiley is a must see performer!

Ilya Goldberg-1_edited.jpg


3PM - Main Stage

Progressive Downtempo. A complex array of sounds, melodies and textures, intricately woven into a floating soundscape, that teleports listeners to a serene, dream-like places. Lapa weaves together musical stories with complexly textured harmonies, expansive melodies, and intricately layered beats. His music blurs borders and transcends boundaries, illuminating the resonance of universal forces and teleporting people to wild, dream-like places of serenity and connection

tango alpha tango

4PM - Main Stage

Getting their start in 2007, Tango Alpha Tango is one of Portland’s most veteran rock outfits that has stood the test of time. Under the leadership of husband and wife duo, Nathan Trueb and Mirabai Carter, their music has reached fans all over the world including a viral moment with the release of their live KEXP session. Tango Alpha Tango continues to share their brand of energetic rock n’ roll to sold-out crowds and listeners alike with two EPs, two full-length albums, and the upcoming single, “Prayin’ Against Me.” Their lives shows are as entertaining as they are dangerous.

IMG_9500 2.jpg

jacob westfall band

5PM - Main Stage

Americana Tender-Rock Artist Jacob Westfall is a larger than life troubadour of love and adventure — a young veteran of the Portland music scene that has gained recognition as one of the fastest growing singer-songwriters in the Pacific Northwest; often seen onstage with a family of collaborators and musicians of his adoptive hometown community. After appearances on shows like NBC’s The Voice (S12) and ABC’s American Idol (S1) he has released two projects: A full length record "Where We Are" (2018) an EP, "Wonderful (2021), and his latest single, "To Be Loved" (2022)

When performing he shares his story through genuine songwriting, powerhouse vocals, and pristine arrangements – regaling his tales of love, goodbyes, new friendships, and serial optimism through a tradition of alternative soundscapes and folk authenticity in a pop-style package with a rock & roll attitude.

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